Deep Water | Exploring Psycho-Emotional Experiences

Date: 1st – 8th September, 2017
Place: freiLand Potsdam, Friedrich-Engels-Str. 22

Come and be part of a radical, international gathering of conversation, ideas and practises around/for psycho-emotional health in the context of working for social justice. Join us for a week of workshops, discussion spaces, info exchange, collective & self-care tools, networks of support and solidarity.

We invite everyone interested in psycho-emotional health in the context of social justice to join this 7-day gathering that will take place around Berlin in September. We expect a variety of topics and different formats with multiple sessions running simultaneously, including discussions, lectures, workshops, a book/zine corner, film screenings, etc. We want to learn and share in order to dismantle the alienation that can accompany emotional struggles and step towards destigmatizing the subject. In the process of creating this event together we have noticed that we lack the time, language, courage and supportive surroundings to give space and appreciation to the inner struggles that many of us experience and the ways in which we stand with each other through emotional distress. This gathering is an attempt to make that time and space and to discover and practice languages that can describe our experiences together.

Who is this event for?
We welcome anyone who has an interest in these topics and an affinity with our values. We particularly welcome people with lived experience of emotional distress and anyone who has been involved in developing support structures for collective care. The framework of the event is not narrowed to any specific concept and a diversity of approaches and practices is welcomed.