Our values

We aim to shape our interactions based on these principles:

We question power and authority and struggle against all forms of oppression. We strive to create spaces where we can share skills, ideas and practices so as to free ourselves from dependency on the hierarchies of accepted knowledge and power and the divisive way oppressive capitalist structures trap us in competition that perpetuates both our alienation and our use of power against one another. We believe that knowledge and collective action are liberating. Everyone is a teacher; everyone is a student.

Under capitalism we are alienated from ourselves, each other and our environments. Psycho-emotional health is often individualised (and further cut off from our material and bodily experiences!) and the containment of this topic within the ‘private sphere’ perpetuates alienation. We value standing in solidarity with each other, exploring our struggles together and taking collective action. We want to find our way to community solutions and collective care.

Balancing wellness and action
Our struggle for social justice involves taking action against oppression and environmental destruction. We also strive to develop communities of resistance that support our psycho-emotional health and enable us to find ways to navigate trauma and emotional distress. Inherent in our struggle for social justice is a desire to transform our relationships with ourselves.

No being exists in a void. Just as in an ancient forest, trees, bushes, mushrooms, grasses, animals and insects live interdependently, so it is globally. We recognise that oppressions manifest in multiple layers of experience within individuals and between people of different identities. These oppressions intersect and influence individual and collective well-being. We strive build solidarity between all struggles for social, environmental and economic justice. We believe that all struggles are connected and vital for a bigger change to happen.