Deep Water | Exploring Psycho-Emotional Experiences


Date: 1st – 8th September, 2017
Place: freiLand Potsdam, Friedrich-Engels-Str. 22

Come and be part of a radical, international gathering of conversation, ideas and practises around/for psycho-emotional health in the context of working for social justice. Join us for a week of workshops, discussion spaces, info exchange, collective & self-care tools, networks of support and solidarity.

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Looking for people to join the safeR spaces crew!

We are still looking people to join our safeR spaces crew on the event! Since we support the idea, that everyone is responsible for the safety of an event, we will set up a concept which involves the participants as well. Write us if you are interested to join the preparation or contact the info point on the ground for getting involved spontaneously! Read more about our thoughts on safeR spaces here.

Looking for a safeR space crew

We would like to create an environment where people can feel as comfortable as possible. Though we are convinced, that the reduction of discrimination is the responsibility of all the people who are participating in the event, we think it is helpful to have a safeR space crew to be present during the event and offering a range of tools
to enable the safeR space to happen.
So, ideally you are an existing group and ready to work together with us on the concept or you are individuals who are interested in forming a group. We would like to share the responsibility and are open and happy to receive ideas, suggestions and feedback around how to organize the safer space during the event. Please let us know what your requirements are and how you imagine the safer space structure to be set up and contact us at gpeh[at]
PS: We have a budget reserved for the safeR space group.

Hello World!

It’s 61 days until our event starts and we are launching our website! It is not complete yet, so keep passing by for updates on the programme, the infrastructure and how you can get involved!
Looking forward to diving into deep waters with you,
the orga group.