Info point contact number:

+49 0157 73 44 31 38

Some changes are probable to happen before and during the event.

If you are coming for a specific workshop, please call us to claryfy about the changes in the programme.

For workshops with limited spaces we will have a sign up sheet in every morning plenary for the workshops of each day. Please try to come to the morning plenary if you can make it. We will reserve some few places for people who cannot make it to the morning plenary to sign up until 15 min before the workshop starts. There will be a waiting list if the workshops are full and we might ask facilitators to repeat their sessions if they are very popular.
Sign up sheets and waiting list will be at the info point during the day. Please cross your name out of the list if you change your mind and don’t want to attend the session anymore.

Days 1-4

Days 5-8