The freiLand is a cultural centre in Potsdam near the central train station with an area of 12 000 m². Here one can find five different houses and a big outside area. Among lots of other things, there are the spacious club spaces, a cafe, seminar and conference rooms, an open artists studio, a theatre room and much more.

Conference rooms are wheelchair – accessible.

FreiLand is guided by the principles or transparent structures and communication, non-violence, mutual recognition and respect for each other as well as active political-cultural participation.

The freiLand clearly opposes racist, homophobic and sexist statements and actions. The decisions in the collectives are made democratically by consensus. The freiLand is independent of any political party.

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Building one (1):
On the ground floor there is a sports room where some of the sessions will take place.
Toilets can also be found there.
The first floor has two seminar rooms equipped for the sessions (seminar room 1, seminar room 2), a safer space / retreat room, a theater room and toilets.
Building one contains multiple other rooms and offices and people who work there would appreciate not being distracted.

Building two (2) – Cafe Libertalia:
Is a spacious room for presentations, film screenings and big gatherings. It’s available for our event only from 1st – 4th of September. It has it’s own toilet. The presentation space is wheelchair-accessible.
Drinks can be bought at the bar. Please, consider that the event policy strives towards creating a alcohol- and substances-free space.

Building four (4) – Club Mitte
Another space for presentations, film screenings and bigger discussions.
Wheelchair accessible.

The big club-space in the middle of the venue.
Has a wheelchair-accessible toilet; the only purpose we would use that space for during  Deep Water.

Building five (5) – accommodation space:
Two bedrooms for the people who are staying at the venue during the event. The building has toilets, shower-rooms and kitchen facilities.

There is a camping area where some tents will be put up.  The places there are restricted and already full, so please don’t put up your tent, if you didn’t communicate it in advance. If you are in need of a sleeping place, please contact anyone from the orga group.

The surface of the venue is mostly rough and bumpy.

If you come by car, please, consider parking it outside of the venue, as the space is limited and it’s necessary to keep the access route designated for the fire brigades not obstructed though vehicles parked on the territory.

If you have any questions, please approach people at the info point (the tent by the entrance).